Oncology Nurse Navigator Software

A convenient and comprehensive tracking software that allows you to focus on what really matters --your patients.


Interface Engine
Automated data capture

Eliminate data redundancies, improve scheduling and make reporting effortless with automation of critical data via HL7, 2.X, Flat Text or other standard information transfer protocols.


Flexible Pathology Data Management Processing

Flexible Pathology Data Management Processing Import and process your patient pathology reports with the flexibility to apply SnoMed code filters to include cancer-only reports



OncoNav Raises Awareness with Nurse Navigators Involved in Movember

November is a month dedicated to raising awareness to men's health. From testicular and prostate cancer, to poor mental health, learn about the Movember movement and how you can help out with this cause alongside OncoNav.

Advisory Board on Cancer Patient Navigation Today: 13 Lessons Learned

Cancer has been studied a lot in recent years. From all of that research, this is 13 of the lessons that we've learned and what we now know needs to be changed in order to give patients the best treatment. Cancer Patient Navigation Today is that change.

The Connection Between Cancer Patient Survival Rates and Insurance Status

Learn why from certain studies that there could be a connection between a cancer patient's survival rate and their insurance status.

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OncoNav utilizes the proven technology behind MS-SQL Server and .NET to keep our software on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Security & Compliance

Advanced security features are built into all of our products to ensure data integrity and HIPPA compliance.

Unmatched Reports

Built in Reporting Module allows for powerful pre-built or canned report generation in just a few clicks.


With our vendor neutral approach to interfaces, NextPath products can bring data into our database from virtually any source via HL7 or ASCII Flat File Imports.

Unlimited Users, Unmatched Customization

From our site license approach to the capability to define unlimited user defined fields, OncoNav offers unparalleled flexibility.


At NextPath, we partner with our clients for the long hual. We take pride in our industry involvement and 100% dedication to supporting our users.

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