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Meeting CoC Standards: Chapter 3 — Continuum of Care Services

In our previous webinar series, we outlined the key requirements to meet CoC eligibility standards for Chapter 1 Program Management and Chapter 2 Clinical Services. From physician credentials to public reporting of outcomes, to achieve successful accreditation,... Read More

Post Cancer Care: Recognizing the Importance of Survivorship

More than 15.5 million Americans are living as cancer survivors. And as the baby-boomer generation starts boosting the number of elderly survivors, experts are predicting that number will rise past 20 million by 2026 because of improvements in detection... Read More

Overcoming Transportation Barriers to Care

Battling cancer is tough enough, but for a lot of patients, there’s another fight that many people don’t realize: simply getting to and from treatments. Approximately 650,000 Americans receive chemotherapy each year, yet, thousands of patients are... Read More

Identifying Barriers to Care for CoC Accreditation

Nurse navigators play an important role to coordinate care and remove barriers across the care continuum. Barriers commonly include a lack of social support, insurance concerns, financial toxicity, and potential problems with healthcare communications.... Read More

Maximizing Pancreatic Cancer Patient Outcomes

With one of the worst prognoses, pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of only 9 percent. This is in part due to the fact that there typically aren’t any telltale symptoms or non-invasive screenings to catch a tumor before it has a chance... Read More

Reviewing Standards for Lung Cancer Screening Excellence

In recognition of National Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November, OncoNav is taking a moment to emphasize the importance of early screening and review the standards for Lung Cancer Screening Excellence. A proactive lung cancer screening has been proven... Read More

7 Effective Ways to Enhance Nurse Navigator Motivation

Nurse navigators are a priceless resource for cancer patients in their battle with the disease; keeping them motivated is a vital component to improve quality of care. Nurse navigators are self-motivated because they understand how important their role... Read More

When it Comes to Cancer Patient Engagement, Quality Matters Most

From uphill insurance battles and financial toxicity to seemingly endless distractions fighting for their attention every day, more cancer patients are experiencing frustrating barriers to care than ever before. To better serve patients and ensure value-based... Read More

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