Nurse Navigator Advocate

Nurse Navigators Networking In Las Vegas

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of meeting many nurse and patient navigators on November 18-20 at the AONN+ national meeting in Las Vegas. I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with so many dedicated health care professionals who are... Read More

Navigator Networking Is A Valuable Activity

The community of oncology nurse and patient navigators is a relatively small, but growing group. The health and well being of this discipline is dependent upon how diligently we nurture it. We are fortunate to have some great support within the oncology... Read More

Precision Medicine: Is This Personalized Medicine?

The Precision Medicine Initiative® (PMI) is a $215 million investment in President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget to accelerate biomedical research and provide clinicians with new tools to select the therapies that will work best in... Read More

Navigators Unite To Spread The Word

There is a new report out from CancerCare called the CancerCare Patient Access & Engagement Report.( This report describes the results of a major initiative undertaken by CancerCare to survey and assess... Read More

I’d Like To Share Some Things I’ve Learned

Happy Monday in Spring of 2016! The weather is getting warm, it’s sunny here in North Carolina and I am full of hope and optimism for the future we are creating as nurse and patient navigators. My passion for the future of this discipline is the reason... Read More

Compassion Fatigue: It Can Happen To You

The only constant in cancer care is change. As a general rule, isn’t this true in life as well? As a patient navigator, your day to day work is challenging enough to manage. Yet it seems that everyday, there is another mandate to incorporate into... Read More

The Importance of Joining Up

The more I think about advocating for the discipline of patient navigation, I realize that this is a movement that we all need to support. I believe that the role of the patient navigator, whether in cancer care or across the spectrum of all health care... Read More