OncoNav Company Overview


NextPath was founded by a team of software developers and Cancer Professionals who have worked in the Oncology industry for several decades. We are an organization dedicated to providing high quality software solutions that enable cancer programs to meet the regulatory and accreditation requirements set forth by the CoC. The software we provide allows Physicians, Nurses and Hospital Administrators to better track and report on the care provided in order to improve the quality of Cancer Care in North America.

OncoNav has been developed in conjunction with several industry partners and clients of Onco, Inc. an oncology data management software company specializing in Cancer Registry software. In working with our registry clients, the team here at NextPath found that Oncology Nurse Navigators had a unique set of data collection and scheduling needs that were not being met by other available software. As such, NextPath was founded to work with our Beta clients to develop and deploy a new software program specifically designed around the workflow of today’s Patient Navigators. OncoNav was inspired by our clients and has been built from the ground up to provide intuitive, navigator specific workflows that facilitate Nurse Navigators in their daily activities and allow the Cancer Program to successfully develop and manage a Patient Navigation program.  Our software is designed to ensure both compliance with upcoming regulatory changes (specifically the 2015 CoC Accreditation requirements around Patient Navigation) and to facilitate Navigators in organizing their workload and recording their efforts without taking focus from what is most important; The patient’s under their care.

NextPath is committed to continuously improving all of our products and services. We truly view each of our clients as a partner of our organization and we work extremely hard to listen to client feedback and incorporate suggestions into each release. In addition, our support infrastructure allows us to provide continuing education on the use and configuration of our software and to assist our users in everything from custom report generation to creation of supplemental data tables.

At NextPath, our clients are more than just customers, they are our inspiration. To learn more about our products and services… CLICK HERE!