OncoNav: Nurse Navigation Software

OncoNav: Nurse Navigation Software

Oncology Nurse Navigators are the front lines in the fight against cancer. Every day, these skilled professionals work tirelessly and dedicate themselves to guiding patients through the continuum of care from screening and diagnosis through treatment and down the path of survivorship.

Patients rely on nurse navigators for the treatment, support and hope they need to make it through the biggest fight of their lives. Nurse Navigators turn to OncoNav to simplify the technical side their job, so they can focus on the human side.


What is OncoNav?

Patient Navigators are a priceless resource for patients in their battle with Cancer, and OncoNav has been designed from the ground up as a tool to help Navigators focus on what really matters –their patients. 

OncoNav is oncology-specific software designed to help Patient Navigators schedule, track, organize, and report their interactions with patients. Whether you are a community hospital with one or two Navigators or a large multi facility health system with dozens of navigators spread across multiple sites, OncoNav is customizable to your Navigation program. We worked closely with nurse navigators from cancer treatment centers and hospitals around the United States to design a solution with our users’ every day jobs in mind.

OncoNav offers the flexibility to track patients from all tumor sites and record oncology specific information to help Patient Navigators better serve their patients. Fully adaptable to the type of cancer diagnosis, OncoNav is perfect for managing the entire continuum of care, including scheduling treatment plans, prompting follow-ups, and tracking barriers to treatment.

OncoNav is an oncology nurse navigators’ secret weapon for providing extraordinary care so their cancer patients have a more successful health outcome.

Achieve CoC Accreditation Compliance with Nurse Navigation Software

In 2015 the CoC implemented new Accreditation Standards. Standard 3.3 specifically requires the establishment of Patient Navigation for all accredited facilities. OncoNav Nurse Navigation software makes proving compliance with this and many other standards for accreditation easy. With pre-built templated reports designed for survey and the ability to complement those with your own ad hoc reports, nothing falls through the cracks. OncoNav makes documenting the work of Nurse Navigators a simple, efficient process – taking the onus off of the navigator and putting it on us.

Patient Event Tracking and Documentation

OncoNav is an invaluable resource that allows you to customize pre-built care plans for your patients’ individual needs. Nurse navigators can create and schedule treatment plans based on a patient’s individual diagnosis, patient needs, screening efforts and more. Pathways can include everything from a screening form or patient introduction to post-operative meeting or financial barrier review. The system comes with a library of standard events, but users are able to very quickly add, delete and adapt the schedules with their own custom events, tasks and appointments.

We understand what your patients are up against and we can help you with that. Our software is designed around two core elements that work collaboratively to make your job easier: Patient event tracking and documentation.

Patient Navigator Event Tracking

When a care pathway is assigned to a patient, the Navigator can keep them engaged in their care by removing barriers and easing the complexity of the process. . Information on each encounter or event is recorded and fully reportable, so that every activity the Patient Navigator handles is documented. For Navigators, this enhancement means that will OncoNav allows you to better organize your workload and increase your efficiency. Plus, all the hard work you do with patients is automatically documented and can be included in reports on the effectiveness of the Patient Navigation program at your facility.

Critical Data Documentation

At the touch of a button, OncoNav also enables Navigators to document critical data on their patients and the patient’s specific circumstances. From family medical history to potential barriers to care, OncoNav has screens designed to match the informational needs of the Patient Navigator. The patient record allows Navigators to identify challenges that may impede care and record their efforts in helping patients overcome those challenges. From providing transportation or nutritional counseling to addressing psycho-social distress issues of the patients under a Nurse Navigators care, OncoNav allows you to record your efforts and the impact you are having on patient’s lives.

Hospital Administration Reporting

For hospital administration, managing a new or growing Navigation program can be a daunting task. OncoNav provides you the tools you need to ensure your facilities’ oncology navigation program is compliant and impactful.

  • Easily view the Navigator workloads
  • Identify problem areas that require improvement
  • Demonstrate ROI by proving cost savings from fewer missed appointments, increased in house provider referrals and better patient retention
  • Generate reports that showcase the impact the Navigation program is having on the community

Find out how OncoNav can be a valuable resource for your facility.