Features and Benefits of OncoNav

Features And Benefits

Unmatched in our level of reporting, OncoNav is a user-friendly lifeline full of benefits designed to make your job as a Nurse Navigator easier so you can focus your energy on your patients.


Simplify Nurse Navigator Daily Jobs:

  • Easily schedule multiple appointments and track each event through a built in Navigator calendar
  • Standardize the navigation process across patients with similar needs by customizing pre-existing templates
  • Utilize flexible workflows that allow for intuitive navigation
  • Record patient barriers to care and track efforts to overcome those barriers on a patient and community level
  • Document distress screening and utilize other evaluation tools
  • Track referrals and all care team contact information all in one place
  • Conveniently collect all pertinent Patient Navigation data with flexible reporting.
  • Generate survivorship care plans and facilitate data collection to meet goals


Improved Cancer Facility Program Management:

  • Applicable to all cancer sites, not just breast.
  • Run administrative reports to maximize the efficiency of each Nurse Navigator
  • Built-in security features that allow restricted access down to the field level for each user.
  • Unparalleled ability to collect and build custom data sets specific to your facility.
  • View any Navigator’s calendar to better manage available resources.
  • Calendars shareable between all nurse navigators on staff, for better coverage during time off
  • Track effectiveness of outreach and efforts to actions taken to overcome barriers to care on a patient, navigator or facility level
  • Track and follow outmigration trends across all patients and navigators


Report Generation Made Easy

  • Powerful reporting module built into the software with standard and ad hoc reports
  • Easily use pre-built templated reports at the patient level or aggregate level.
  • Quickly generate ad hoc reports on any data element, including user defined fields.
  • Custom Crystal Reports included with implementation designed for your facility needs
  • Access standard reports library for presentation-quality reports on barrier to care analysis, timeliness assessments and time spent with patients 


Hands On Training & Support:

  • Expert user and technical support available to all users
  • Support available Monday to Friday 8 AM – 7 PM Eastern Time
  • Two full days of initial product training included.
  • Yearly web training sessions and webinars provided to all clients.


Your Patients Rely On You. You Can Rely On Us.